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How To Create A Valentine's Day Gift Box

Back in 2010 I participated on the Glue Dots® design team, as a Dottess, and created this beautiful floral gift box. You can fill it with photographs, handwritten notes, and trinkets that remind the recipient of your past together or you can let your gift recipient fill it him- or herself.

  • 10" x 5" Round paper mache box
  • Liquitex acrylic gesso surface prep protector
  • Folk Art Baby pink paint
  • Liquitex Interference Gold
  • Glue Dots® Dot-n-Go
  • Glue Dots® Mini Dots
  • Sparkly Fluff: coffee bean brown
  • Glitter: Chunky white (or cream)
  • Polished glass stones (a.k.a. miniature glass flat-back beads)
  • Glass rhinestone embellishments (a.k.a. mirror glass)
  • Flowers: paper, silk, felt (various sizes)
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Plaid acrylic sealer, matte
  1. Paint the Paper Mache box with Gesso and let dry.

  2. Paint a second coat of Gesso on box.

  3. Use a wide-tipped paint brush to paint pink stripes on the side of the lid and the base and let dry.

    (I chose to eye the stripes because I wanted a folk-art look and feel, but if you want a cleaner look, use painter's tape to create crisp, uniform lines.)

  4. Paint the inside of the lid and base pink and let dry.
  5. Place the lid on the box, then roll the Glue Dots® Dot-n-Go adhesive dispenser up and down the white stripes.

  6. Remove the lid, and sprinkle the Sparkly Fluff onto the adhesive dots, alternating rows. Then go back and do the same with the glitter.

  7. Paint the top of the lid with the Liquitex Interference Gold and let dry.

  8. Dry brush the Interference Gold over the white stripes and let dry.
  9. Place the heart-shaped cookie cutter on top of the lid and trace it with a pencil.

  10. Use the Glue Dots® Dot-n-Go adhesive dispenser to adhere large paper and/or silk flowers to the lid. Be sure to stay inside the heart shape.

  11. Use the Glue Dots® Mini Dots adhesive strips to adhere small paper and/or silk flowers to the lid. Gently lift the flower petals of the larger flowers and place the smaller flowers underneath. Be sure to stay inside the heart shape so that when you're done adhering all the flowers, the shape you see is a single, large heart.

  12. Use the Glue Dots® Mini Dots adhesive strips to adhere beads and mirror glass to the center of the flowers.

  13. Spray acrylic sealer on the inside and the outside of the box.

Disclosure: Glue Dots® Adhesive was provided, free of charge, by Glue Dots.

Copyright, Alyice Edrich. /


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